About Kid’s Discovery Academy, Inc.


At Kids Discovery Academy we foster healthy and happy infants in a warm and nurturing environment. Feeding, sleeping and other activities are all balanced to meet each infant’s individual needs and characteristics. Through daily written and verbal communication you will be informed about every part of your baby’s day, which will furnish peace of mind for you. Our caregivers are trained to understand child development and to use that understanding in planning appropriate activities to stimulate your infant.

Two Year Olds

Two year olds are encouraged to express their feelings. Through social interactions and the use of our curriculum, your child will be inspired to develop a healthy and positive self-image. The curriculum encourages choice, independence and most of all fun!! When your child shows signs of readiness for toilet training this interested is approached with love, patience and understanding. Our trained and dedicated caregivers are never too busy to give individual attention and lots of special hugs and cuddles.


Kids Discovery Academy preschool program promotes a balance of positive learning and play experiences. Each morning your child will participate in a unique educational program. Develop, Inspire and Grow (D.I.G) Curriculum offers readiness skills important to preschool development. Auditory skills, language activities, visual discrimination, art projects and letter and number concepts are all consolidated in this multi-sensory, child-oriented program. Monthly themes are carefully planned to fill your child’s day and our exceptional teachers make ample provision to meet each child’s individual needs. DIG paves the way to readiness for Grade K common core standards by providing a solid foundation, firmly grounded in both literacy and math. DIG supports the whole child.


Our toddler program provides and enriching and nurturing atmosphere which is designed to enhance each child’s total development. Carefully planned activities promote curiosity and will allow your toddler to exercise their budding independence. Our toddlers eagerly embrace the world around them as they experience the world through different sensory opportunities. The staff at Kids Discovery Academy is trained to support your toddler and respect their individuality as they begin to master skills such as self-feeding and early language.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp brings with it the excitement that school is over and a full day of fun begins. Action packed weekly and bi-weekly themes, coupled with daily field trips lead the way to a summer vacations guaranteed to be remembered. School age children love summer camps at Kids Discovery Academy. Demand is always high and space is limited.

Summer Camp only $150 a week and registration $35, included in registration the children get a Kid’s Discovery t-shirt. There will be exciting field trips for the children every week and many activities.

If you bring in a donation of any 3 items listed below, there will be a $10 rate reduction. If you bring in 6 or more there is a $15 rate reduction.

  • file folders (pack)
  • pack of permenant markers
  • crayons
  • markers (washable)
  • 2 pocket folder with fasteners (pack)
  • construction paper
  • pens
  • pencils
  • writing paper
  • journals
  • paintbrushes
  • stencils
  • washable finger paint
  • glue bottles/ glue sticks
  • kleenex
  • watercolor paint
  • child-friendly scissors